During my internship, I got the opportunity to work alongside the artist Jip Mus for six months, contributing in various roles. Jip Mus is a cinematographer and photographer who works primarily within the fashion industry. Most of the jobs during that time revolved around fashion as well. This exposure teached me a lot about the fashion industry. 
Furthermore, I had the chance to develop valuable social and technical skills that had a substantial impact on my professional growth. I learned that social skills are paramount in this industry. Whether you're part of a large team or working on a small production, the ability to effectively engage with customers, models, and colleagues on a both professional and personal level is of the utmost importance. 
During this time, we frequently filmed at Iris van Herpen's atelier, where we documented the 'Meta Morphism' project for the 2022 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.
We also had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned clients, including Rolls Royce, in collaboration with Iris van Herpen. In this video, I worked as a second camera operator during the interview.
But also customers such as G-Star and Elle Magazine.
Director, camera & edit by Jip Mus.
Camera assistance: Rollo van Wijk & Xenia Lodewijks.

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