Xenia Lodewijks is a young creative, rooted in Amsterdam. Her artistic journey unfolds through the lens of Image & Media Technology, which she studies at the HKU, specializing in Photography, Film, and Spatial Art. 
"As an IMT enthusiast, I embrace the grandeur of creative thinking, blending various media to craft multi-layered artworks that tell personal stories. I like to create visually engaging pieces with a strong focus on emotions and atmospheres. Crafting a personal prism through which dreamy and surreal worlds seamlessly converge.
During my studies, I've explored a range of intriguing themes that have deeply influenced my work. These themes include mythology, psychology, philosophy, humanism, the evolving roles of femininity and feminism, intimacy, the fleeting nature of life, the passage of time, feelings of being disconnected, and the captivating world of horror.
These themes have always held my interest and continue to drive the stories I tell through my work. Additionally, I draw a lot of inspiration from the history of film and various photography styles, and I aim to incorporate the layers and complexities I find in these mediums into my own work."
In essence, her work takes you on a captivating journey through different art forms, emotions, and the atmospheres that bind them together, weaving a unique narrative for viewers to experience.
   Working as Photographer, Photo & Video Editor, Retoucher, (Art) Director, Graphic Designer, Filmmaker and Videographer.
      Specialized in Adobe Photoshop, Première Pro, Lightroom & in Adobe InDesign.
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