"Fruits of Fertility" is a project that delves into the historical impact of childlessness on women, particularly how their identity has been defined by their capacity to bear children, often influenced by Biblical narratives. For over two millennia, societal perceptions of women, their roles, behaviors, and lifestyles have been predominantly shaped by male perspectives, which continue to exert significant influence in our lives today.
Even formidable women like Mary Magdalene have been consistently misrepresented, portrayed as either sinful, intimidating femme fatales, or saintly virgins. In this project, I reexamine these narratives and reinterpret them from my own perspective. I offer a personal exploration of femininity and fertility, drawing from my own medical history. At the age of 13, I experienced the loss of one of my ovaries, which prompted a profound reflection on fertility and its societal significance. This importance is deeply intertwined with the historical view of women as mere childbearing vessels, significantly impacting our modern society.
Step into my personal visionary world, and may it inspire fresh insights.
The booklet served as a guide for the installation I created for this project. 

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